Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing

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Conference schedule "Ageing and Technology"

Tuesday, March 23th, 2010

12:00-13:00 Conference Registration - Get-together - Coffee

Opening Session (13:00-13:40, Chair: Reinhold Haux, Braunschweig)

13:00 Marianne Assenmacher (Präsidentin Universität Vechta): Welcome address

13:05 Sabine Koch (Stockholm): Healthy ageing supported by technology - an interdiscplinary approach

13:45 Coffee break

Session 1: User interfaces (14:00-15:15, Chair: Jens-E. Appell, Oldenburg)

14:00 Thomas Kleinberger (Kaiserslautern): Improving the user experience in human-computer interfaces for the elderly

14:25 Ben Matthews (Sønderborg): Cooperative technology design with users: towards participatory innovation

14:50 Susanne Boll (Oldenburg): New interaction paradigms for the home of elderly

15:15 Coffee break

Session 2: Homecare monitoring (15:45-17:00, Chair: Uwe Tegtbur, Hannover)

15:45 Heinrich Körtke (Bad Oeynhausen): Healthcare management works

16:10 Anastasios Tourpouzidis (Gärtringen): The technical development for training control and training optimization in homecare ergometer training

16:35 Meinhard Schilling (Braunschweig): Sensor fusion for long tem monitoring of vital signs

17:00 Coffee break

17:20 Panel discussion 1 (Chair: Franz-J. Neyer, Jena)

18:00 Poster session / Finger food

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Plenary session (9:00-9:40, Chair: Wolfgang Nebel, Oldenburg)

9:00 Paul Timmers (Brussels)

9:40 Coffee break

Session 3: Activity determination (10:00-10:50, Chair: Simon Winkelbach, Braunschweig)

10:00 Bodo Rosenhahn (Hannover): Limits and possibilities of marker-lens human motion estimation

10:25 Andreas Hein (Oldenburg): Technical monitoring systems for the support of home care

10:50 Coffee break

Session 4: Fall recognition and prevention (11:15-12:30, Chair: Michael Marschollek, Hannover)

11:15 Robert Cumming (Sydney): How to prevent falls in older people: what works and what doesn't?

11:40 Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen (Berlin): Frailty in the elderly

12:05 Michael Marschollek (Hannover): Fall detection and fall prediction - latest results

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Panel discussion 2 (Chair: Hartmut Remmers, Osnabrück)

Session 5: Technical platform (14:15-15:30, Chair: Lars Wolf, Braunschweig)

14:15 Peter Langendörfer (Frankfurt/ Oder): Configurable sensor nodes for AAL applications

14:40 Michael Hellenschmidt (Darmstadt): Architectural approaches to AAL middleware

15:05 Marco Eichelberg (Oldenburg). The GAL middleware platform: architecture and experiences

15:30 Coffee break

Session 6: New health IT architectures (16:00-16:50, Chair: Susanne Boll, Oldenburg)

16:00 Amnon Shabo (Haifa): Independent health record banks - the inevitable approach to a lifetime electronic health record

16:25 Reinhold Haux (Braunschweig): IT architectures for new forms of care - latest results

16:50 Coffee break

17:10 Panel discussion 3 (Chair: Uwe Fachinger, Vechta)

18:00 Departure Conference Dinner

18:30 Conference Dinner

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Session 7: Social, economic and psychological requirements (9:00-10:15, Chair: Gisela C. Schulze, Oldenburg)

9:00 Klaus-Dirk Henke (Berlin): Assisting technologies from an economic perspective

9:25 Franz J. Neyer (Jena): Personality and adaptive technology use in old age

9:50 Harald Künemund (Vechta): The age gradient in technology acceptance - fact or fiction?

10:15 Coffee break

Closing session (10:40-12:20, Chair: Andreas Hein, Oldenburg)

10:40 Hartmut Remmers (Osnabrück): Environments for ageing, assistive technology and self-determination - ethical perspectives

11:20 Panel discussion "Ageing and technology: future directions" with Susanne Boll, Reinhold Haux (Co-Chair), Andreas Hein (Co-Chair), Harald Künemund, Meinhard Schilling, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen and Lars Wolf

12:20 Lunch