Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing

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Scientific objectives

Scientific objective of the research network is to identify, develop and evaluate new forms of information and communication technology for environments for ageing.

On the one hand, focus lies on new assisting technologies to better support the needs of everyday life and the sustainment of quality of life and self-sufficiency. The target group mainly consists of people in the second half of life, who should be able to use these technologies barrier-free, but also of persons from their social environment (relatives, physicians, nursing staff). These people should also be supported in challenges of everyday life or in tasks of healthcare. In addition, the technologies should also contribute to earlier detect diseases  through sensor technology and sensor-enhanced information systems, especially for elderly people and to enable new forms of care for chronic ill people respectively.

The success of the research network will be evaluated on the basis of the theoretic methodological research results as well as exemplarily on the basis of concrete demonstrators that are integrated within four scenarios. The demonstrators together with their application scenarios and the architectures, which will be elaborated for the deployment of the demonstrators are a major focus of the research network.