Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing

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Sensor-based fall prevention and recognition

The aims of this scenario are:

  1. Development and feasibilty testing of a demonstrator system for technically stable fall detection in the home environments;
  2. Development and analysis of technically measurable, mobility-related parameters which may be used for the continuous and unobtrusive assessment of fall risk in home environments. These parameters may be used for preventive measures.

Currently, two clinical studies are conducted within this work package.

The work package is lead by Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Marschollek and Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen.

The following partners are involved: Charité, FH IDMT, HörTech, TU BS IBR, TU BS iRP, TU BS PLRI, Uni Oldenburg and ZAG.