Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing

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Technical platform for environments for ageing

Overview technical platform

The focus within the first three years has been the prototypical implementation of a generic technical platform for environments for ageing. This should fullfill the specific demands (connection with sensors and actuators, persistent data storage, runtime environment for software components, platform independence, communication and interaction)  and be used within all demonstrators. This technical platform has been developed successfully and be provided to the demonstrators for further use. Development was not done from scratch, but has been based on the substantial preliminary work of the partners and on the subcomponents researched and developed in the single scenarios. The activities belonging to this research topic comprise the implementation of the technical platform, integration of technical modules from the four scenarios as well as development of smaller but rudimentary base modules, like modules for alarm messaging and information routing to external users or the realization of a database system for allocation of relevant system information, as needed by all demonstrators.

In the upcoming part of the project, further technical research work will be performed. Firstly, the technical platform will be adapted to the needs of a field installation, including work items such as selection of suitable hardware, base functions for multi-user capabilities, tools for installation planing, but also remote maintenance concepts and methods for monitoring de-activation and re-activation. Secondly , research topics that have arisen from the previous work and demands from the scenarios will be worked on. This includes the extension of the technical platform for sensor networks and mobile applications, e.g., mobile sensing and data acquisition, as well as integration of the platform in care concepts such as studying the security of medical data and interlinkage with medical information systems.

The work in this activity is managed by Dr. Marco Eichelberg and Prof. Dr. Lars Wolf.

The following partners are involved: HörTech, OFFIS, TU-BS IBR, TU-BS iRP and TU-BS PLRI.