Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing

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The general approach of the research network and the related research topics are graphically illustrated in the figure above. On the base of and accompanied by the assessment of social, economic and psychological requirements and consequences, as well as of the corresponding institutional changes due to new forms of care (such as integrated care, practice nets, disease management programs and medical care centres etc. which are technically represented in the IT architectures for new forms of care), the personal usage of new assisting health technologies in everyday life ("new environments for living") based on the technical platform for environments for ageing is depicted in the inner circle ("small circle").

In the outer circle, the perspective is expanded on the social environment - family, doctors, caregivers, etc.:  the new assisting health technologies are used for outpatient and inpatient care ("new forms of care"). Both cycles ideally use the same data of the elderly person, or in the case of concrete impairments and sufferings: of the elderly patient. And in both cases, the technical platform for environments for ageing is utilized which integrates all treatment and care relevant data from the local environment and clinical infrastructure.

The research network exemplary implements three scenarios for new environments for living and forms of care:

These scenarios realize concrete assistance for the elderly. Thereby occurring risks and problems with regard to the protection of personal data are analyzed in the working group "Informational self-determination and privacy" and appropriate solution are going to be elaborated.

Clinical aspects are discusses in the working group "Clinical geriatrics".