Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing

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Informational self-determination and privacy

High usage potentials arise by the application of new assisting health technologies. Through these technologies, the way of living and the forms of care can be remodeled with the aim to enable a high quality of life and an efficient care also in populations that are getting older. However, with these technologies data are available about the single person in an extent as it never was the case before. The measureable data (vital parameters, data on movement and location, ...) from sensor systems for long periods of time - under circumstances seven days in the week and 24 hours during the day - particulary hold a high risk in view of an adequate protection of personal data and the informational self-determination of the person. The unlimited use of these data, for example, in medical practises, hospitals or even by ambulant services, excludes itself on account of the new quantity and quality of the present data. The same applies to the forwarding of these data. The use of the current information system architectures and "health telematics platforms" is not possible with these equally extensive like complex data.

Within the scope of the working group "Informational self-determination and privacy" the mentioned problems are analyzed in collaboration with all institutions involved in this research network and solutions are elaborated. The working group is managed by Dr. Wilfried Thoben, Prof. Dr. Lars Wolf, Prof. Dr. Harald Künemund and Prof. Dr. Hartmut Remmers.