Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing

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Sensor-based activity determination

This scenario targets a preferably broad, automated and continuous recording of the activities of a resident in his apartment. The planned system shall work imperceptible, i.e. without explicit interaction with the resident. However it is not meant to make older, disabled people "glassy persons", but to warn the resident about dangerous actions (e.g. forgotten shutdown of devices) or support family members, nursing services and medics to offer requirements-based supporting and caring actions as well as medical services in familiar home surroundings (e.g. support in dressing and meal preparation, if these activities take a longer time or can not be handled at all). Beside the purely technical aspects for recording of activities (sensor selection, sensor data processing and merging, classification, analysis of trends) questions concerning the optimal presentation of recorded data against the different user groups and the mapping/evaluation of the recorded activities in various test procedures (Bartel Index, IADL) shall be addressed. The evaluation of this scenario takes place in the laboratories of TU Braunschweig and OFFIS. With the help of test persons, the technically collectable activities, their severability and quality of recognition will be determined.

The work in this activity is managed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Hein and Prof. Dr. Friedrich Michael Wahl.

The following partners are involved: HörTech, OFFIS, TU-BS IBR, TU-BS iRP, TU-BS PLRI, Uni Oldenburg, Uni Osnabrück and ZAG.